ActionCoach Chesterfield In Memory Walk

A number of the people at ActionCOACH Chesterfield have all sadly experienced the loss of a loved one to a terminal illness. However, during the remaining days we have all appreciated the support and assistance provided by organisations like
Nottinghamshire Hospice.

This is why we have chosen to support Nottinghamshire Hospice and conduct an In Memory Walk, as the care and support they provide during

what can be very difficult times is invaluable, not only for the person suffering but also the connected family. And we at ActionCOACH Chesterfield want to show our appreciation for the work of the charity.

Nottinghamshire Hospices mission is to add life to every day for people who have been told their illness cannot be cured, helping them to live as actively and well as possible with care that puts them at the front of everything we say and do.

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Grandad Bill

Andrew M

To a lot of people this is just a bench. But to me and my Grandad it was a place to rest, to watch the world go by, to tell stories and enjoy each other's company. Although I can never share this seat with Grandad Bill again, I can still enjoy the view.

Grandad Bill